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College students welcome!

As of September 2015, this ministry has helped college-aged students, ages 18-21, connect with their faith, parish, and friends. Whether currently in college or not, if you or a friend are between the ages of 18 & 21, this ministry is for you!

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Highlighting Nativity College Students On-Campus Ministry Stories


Maura Blanchfield, George Mason University, Catholic Campus Ministry

When I came to George Mason in August 2015, I was a bit nervous about making friends and not finding my niche.  On my first day of freshman year, I met a girl who I had actually met a couple years before. I didn’t recognize her right away, but she recognized me and made the effort to constantly invite me to events that were happening at the Catholic Campus Ministry.  I had always heard about Mason’s Catholic Campus Ministry, and my high school principal encouraged me to look out for it, but I was still very nervous to get involved. For the first month of college, going to events and Mass was more of a reluctant task for me because I was still driven by my anxiety.  I remember going to a Thursday Night Supper one night, and realizing that if I truly have faith in God, I have nothing to be anxious about. Suddenly, I found myself being more open to accepting invitations to Bible Study, Daily Mass, Thursday Night Suppers, and simply getting lunch with the friends I was making.  I’ve been on a crazy journey of discovering myself, deepening my friendship with God, and finishing my degree. I cannot begin to imagine how different that would be if I didn’t stay rooted in my faith early on.

The friends I made freshman year, are still my friends as I go into my senior year at George Mason, and I thank God every day for them. My life was changed by God and the Catholic Campus Ministry at George Mason University.  If you attend Mason or are coming this year, we would love to meet you! Similarly, if you are going to NOVA, we want to see you at all of our events as well!

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Fairfax Theology on Tap

August 20 | 6:30 meet for food/drinks | 7:30 talk begins |
One Monday a month

“Worth the Wait: A Love Story”
by Marcus Guevara



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Summer College Mission Trip to Haiti!

From Hannah Griffith, participant on the 2017 trip:
“One specific little girl captured my heart. After visiting with the children in cribs lined along the walls of one of the housing units, I came across a little girl named Shelove in her crib in the back of the room. She had a cast on one of her legs and would motion to me to take her outside. Soon she found herself being carried around by myself and friends on the trip. The leaders with Food For The Poor and Nativity reminded us that money was not the only way to show we care and the joy we brought to children like Shelove made an impact she may remember for the rest of her life. What a beautiful treat it was to experience the world through the eyes of those at the Little Children of Jesus.”

Check out last year’s video!



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