Women of Nativity

By Donna Gomez and Joan Mahal

Our purpose is to promote the work of the parish by helping to attain its goals and mission.

Among these are: participating in the Christian community by evangelization, spiritual growth, and service within the Nativity Congregation as well as across the street and around the world.

Our organization is over 40 years old and hundreds of women have lent their time, talent, and generosity over those years. WON was founded under the guidance of Fr. Ready just as Nativity was beginning to take hold. Upon the arrival of Fr. Martin and Sr. Vicky, the programs supported by WON grew. WON is an organization of women who help others.

In the past there were many varied programs and events. Today we still share spirit of giving and support during a drive, our annual tea, or gathering to celebrate Christmas.

We continue to conduct drives for the needy and forgotten as well as offering prayers and support for all who cross our paths. Some of our efforts include the annual drives such as the Baby Shower, Advent Giving Tree, Easter Baskets, and Back to School as well as special requests from the parish or the clergy.

Each spring we distribute funds to those selected charities needing financial help. Among these are Food for the Poor, Prison Ministry, Little Sisters of the Poor, and others too numerous to mention. Our only fundraiser, the White House Ornament Sale is the source of these funds.

Needless to say WON would not be successful without the support of the priests and parishioners of Nativity.

WON Photographs

Advent Giving Tree, 2010
Photographer: Don Lemieux







Selling White House Christmas Tree Ornaments, 2009

From the left: Katie, Co-Chair Kathy Dillon, Co-Chair Bonnie Laurich, Alana Lukes and Eleanor Radican

Advent Giving Tree, 2011 – Bicycles and gifts going to Martha’s Table
Photographers: Don Lemieux and Kathy Dillon




Katrina – Presentation of check from WON to victims of Hurricane Katrina
Photographer: Sally Quenneville




Nativity’s Loving and Caring Parishioners
Photographers: Kathy Dillon, Don Lemieux, and Sally Quenneville

Advent Giving Tree, Eleanor Radican and Mary Hegerich

FACETS cooking for families in need: Natacha Hines, Joyce Weir, Eleanor Radican and Lynn Dysart


Donna Lipresti, Lynn Dysart, Eleanor Radican, Susie Parker, Mary Hegerich, Joyce Weir

Advent Giving Tree



Robbie W. and Kathy McHugh

Women of Nativity Tea

At the tea: Ginny Brennan, Joan Mahal, Anne Marie Arnott, Robbie W., Debbie McLernon, Maria Cahill, Yoland Spinnato, Debbie Bean, Alana Lukes, Donna Gomez, Lynn Dysart, Susie Parker, and Eleanor Radican

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